Vampire Mystic Academy

    The Vampire Mystic Academy is open to all types of genuine vampires: Sang, psi or sex.

   The Vampire Mystic Academy teaches a non-denominational path of mystic transcendence. Mysticism is the search for the Divine within oneself.

   The Vampire Mystic Academy teaches that genuine vampires are born, not made: potentially, it is a powerful genetic gift that can help to turn the tide of climate change.

   The Vampire Mystic Academy exists by the will of the Planetary Consciousness, and through the efforts of Her Avatar, Mystress Angelique Serpent.

   The Vampire Mystic Academy training is absolutely free of charge, with out expectation or obligation except respect for members privacy and copyrights. Paying it forward: Graduate vampires who have transcended into the fullness of their powers make the world a better place just by being in it.

   The Vampire Mystic Academy is not a cult or any kind of church, it is a mystery school that teaches a path of transcendence through connecting with the planetary consciousness and the unique quantum guide.

   The Vampire Mystic Academy is only open to genuine vampires (and some shamans.) An application is required. Your application (but not your name or email) will be forwarded to senior vampires of the VMA for examination and verification.

    To apply for training, enter your name and email address into this form, to receive the application form from our auto-responder bot. The address of the bot is "application" at this domain.

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